A trademark is a distinct symbol or sign that serves to differentiate the goods or services offered by a particular business or group of businesses from those of others in the market. This symbol can encompass various elements, such as unique words, letters, numbers, drawings, pictures, monograms, signatures, colors, or combinations thereof. It can take the form of a word, symbol, design, or a combination of these components. According to the Trademarks Act (Cap 506), a mark is defined as any identifying guise, slogan, device, brand, heading, label, ticket, name, signature, word, letter, numeral, or any combination thereof, whether represented in two-dimensional or three-dimensional form.

Application Number Applicant Body Nationality Class of Goods
38825 United Touring Group Limited a Limited Liability Company incorporated in the ...
100455 ALKHAIR AUTO SPARE PARTS CO. LLC. of P.O. Box 39850, Dubai, U.A.E. 12
KE/T/2006/ 059890 WELDING INDUSTRIES (M) SDN BHD (111603-H), (Company Incorporated in MALAYSIA...
KE/T/2006/ 060132 Bristol_Myers Squibb Company of 345 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10154 , ... 5
KE/T/2004/ 056914 Sayyed Engineers (Private) Limited of 1 Ahmed Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Pa...
100457 AL KHAIR AUTO SPARE PARTS CO. LLC. of P.O. Box 39850, Dubai, U.A.E 4
KE/T/2006/ 059924 Eaton Corporation of 1111 Superior Avenue, Cleverland, Ohio 44114 , United ...
KE/T/2006/ 060166 VITAL CAMEL MILK LIMITED of P. O. BOX 21707 - 00506, Nairobi.
KE/T/2005/ 057596 Sonashi Electronics Limited of 1606 Peninsula Square 18 Sung On Street, Hung...
100495 MR. CHET CHAMNITIRAVANICH of 8 Soi 94 Rama II Road, Samaedum, Bangkhuntien, B... 3
KE/T/2006/ 059962 Circuit Breaker Industries Limited of Tripswitch Drive, Elandsfontein, Joha... 9
KE/T/2006/ 060176 PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc., a corporation formed under the laws and re... 2
6 / 2255

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